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Voting by signature lets you place votes across Compound Governance proposals, without having to send your transactions on-chain, saving fees.


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Recent Proposals

Trust Setup for DAO investment into GoldCOMP

289Pending July 24, 2024

[Gauntlet] - Risk and IO Recommendations for Arb USDT,...

288Active July 25, 2024

[Gauntlet] Stablecoin IR recommendations

287Active July 25, 2024

Add wstETH as collateral into cUSDCv3 on Ethereum

286Active July 24, 2024

Add ezETH as collateral into cWETHv3 on Base

285Active July 24, 2024

Add wstETH as collateral into cUSDCv3 on Optimism

284Active July 23, 2024

Add wstETH as collateral into cUSDTv3 on Optimism

283Queued July 25, 2024

[Gauntlet] - Arbitrum USDC - Risk, Incentive, and Interest...

282Executed July 23, 2024

[Gauntlet] Optimism Comet Risk Recommendations

281Executed July 23, 2024

Initialize cWETHv3 on Optimism

280Executed July 22, 2024

Public API

Integrate gas-less voting and delegation directly within your application, through our managed Public API.

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